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Custom Design

Not obsessed with anything currently in the shop? As this is a new venture, I have a *bit* of flexibility with what is being added next...

For when you... have a vision for a flower arch (or set of pillars or aisle runners or fireplace arrangement or urns), but don't see it currently listed on my site.

Please feel free to reach out for a conversation if there is a specific design you are interested in having custom built for your wedding day. I have access to a wide variety of really impressive artificial flowers, as well as real flowers for extra special touches, and want to ensure I'm building designs that are most meaningful to my clients. While this conversation is by no means a contract and/or a promise that it will happen, I am open to hearing your ideas!

Rental Fee:



As Needed team delivers, sets up, and tears down all arches at no additional cost for events within 30 miles of Downtown Opelika. Deliveries outside of this range are possible for an additional fee.

Looking for more info about the rental process, the pros / cons of renting a flower arch, the details of how I work with your florist to ensure a cohesive aesthetic, or something else?

Check out the articles here to see if your question is answered. If not (or even if it is, but you want to learn more), let's chat!

Project Gallery

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