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Flower Arches | FAQ

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Fake flowers… I’m not sure…

A: Trust me, I get it. However when I tell you that these flowers look and feel real, I am not lying. I work diligently to identify trusted suppliers (yes - multiple suppliers because while certain companies make really incredible hydrangeas, their roses are eh. And other companies have mastered the peony, but struggle to understand the shading of silver dollar eucalyptus, etc.) that manufacture flowers that are indistinguishable from their real counterparts. The same goes for the greenery. You will not find stems like this at your local craft store.

Can you tell me more about the booking process?

A: Sure thing! The first step in the process is submitting an inquiry here. It will be most helpful and efficient if you include as much information as you can. I will get back to you via your preferred communication mode as soon as possible (usually under 24 hours) to confirm (1) availability of the arch on your selected date and (2) total price of the rental.

At this point, you can let me know if you would like the formal proposal and contract to review and sign.

Upon signature, you will be prompted to pay. Default payment is 50% of the total price at time of booking and 50% four weeks prior to rental date. If you are looking for a different payment model, please reach out and we can tweak the portal to reflect a schedule that works best for you. Payments can be completed via credit card, bank transfer, venmo, zelle, and/or check.

And then… we are all set! I will reach out with a form for you to tell me a little bit more about the other vendors you are working with (primarily florist, decorator, and venue team) and then I will stay quiet until we get closer to the rental date.

Two weeks prior to the rental date, I will reach out to your designated point of contact to identify setup and tear down times.

On the rental date, I will be there when I say I will be there and ensure your arch is set up in its designated location.

How do you work with my florist?

A: I want your wedding day to look as beautiful as you do! I will work closely with your florist to ensure they are aware of the flowers included in your selected arch - variety, color tone, etc. This will allow them to seamlessly coordinate your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc. with the style of the arch. Florists are always welcome to find time to connect with me in-person, if they want to check out some of the stems in real life.

What about my venue? My coordinator? And my mom?

A: I'm happy to chat with anyone in your planning crew that has questions (or information that is helpful to me). As part of the booking process, I will request the best point of contact for day-of coordination details. This can be your venue director, your planner / coordinator, your mom, yourself, or anyone else you see fit! I will lean on this person to share information about where the arch is to be setup (and to make sure that location meets necessary space requirements), when the arch should be setup, if / when / where the arch needs to move, and when the arch should be picked up.

Can I customize the designs?

A: The least helpful answer of all time - it depends, but I’m always open to a conversation. These arches were designed to pair with a variety of different wedding aesthetics, color schemes, etc. That being said, if there is a specific color and/or specific flower you would like added to the design to pull together your wedding day, please let me know! I can always add in a few live stems or track down top notch artificial stems to make the arch exactly what you need it to be.

Please note that already placed stems cannot be removed from the arches.

I’m looking for something a little different, are you open to building something new?

A: Again… it depends, but please reach out and we can talk through your thoughts. I am early on in this flower arch venture and always looking to add desirable, rentable arches to the collection.

If you like one of the existing designs and are interested in carrying the design across your venue (think aisle runners, large urns / arrangements, fireplace pieces, etc.), definitely let me know! I’m happy to build these add-ons, especially once I know that I have interested couples.

When do you set up and tear down?

A: The TLDR - everything happens on wedding day. I will set up in the morning and tear down that evening.

The details - I will work closely with you / your wedding planner / your venue to determine the best time to deliver and set up the arch. Once the arch is set up, there can be no movement of the arch (this is for safety of the humans moving the arch, safety of the - very important - humans that will stand near that arch, and safety of the arch itself). I will come back to the venue that evening to tear down the arch. The timing of tear down will depend on the arch’s position relative to the evening’s festivities and the event’s planned end time.

A tear down after 9:30pm CT will incur an additional charge.

Can I move the arch throughout the day?

A: Once an arch is set up, there can be no movement of the arch. This is for safety of the humans moving the arch, safety of the - very important - humans that will stand near that arch, and safety of the arch itself.

If you are looking to use the arch for your ceremony and would then like it repurposed at your reception, please inquire with me directly.

Other questions? Please reach out here!

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