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About Me

Hi all and welcome! I am so glad you are here :) 

By way of quick introduction, I am Julia - a midwest-grown twenty-something. I have spent the past three years living in Auburn, AL and am excited to be returning to the Greater Indianapolis area. I work full-time in venture capital, but this (as in... Julia, As Needed) is my JOY! For years I have been proclaiming my desire to be a wedding coordinator.. so here I am! I promise you that my finance degree and experience managing corporate clients, facilitating workshops, creating and tracking timelines, identifying action items, etc. have perfectly positioned me to aid you in all your wedding day needs.

Outside of work, I love a glass of red wine by a cozy fireplace, crowded dining tables, morning workouts, and Gossip Girl.

Please, please, please reach out if you have any questions! I would be so happy to talk to you about your big day plans / thoughts / questions or tell you a little bit more about myself. 

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