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Home Sweet Home | Alexi & Brian | Richmond, IN

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

**Starting this note out with a HUGE footnote (what's a footnote that goes at the top of a note?? headnote?): I promise I will go back and blog my previous weddings! Those weddings were also amazingly beautiful and exciting and love-filled. I'm starting with Alexi & Brian because (1) it hits super close to home and (2) I know they will love me regardless of how poorly my chattiness translates to written text :)**

Alexi and Brian's sunny day in Richmond, IN was actually not a wedding - it was a vow renewal in celebration of their first anniversary! These two, with the help of their families, had planned and re-planned (and re-planned) their special day. I had to chuckle as the photographer mentioned that they had started initial conversations in 2019. I will forever cherish the multiple save-the-dates that still live on my fridge door, but I am ecstatic that this couple finally got to celebrate their love surrounded by all their special humans and with food, drink, and cupcakes galore. And what a day it was!

But a kind and wise 3rd grade teacher once told me that I should structure my writing, so I shall start with the backstory.

Alexi grew up two doors down from me. She was a bit older than my older sister, but she, her younger sister (now MOH, Abbie), my sister, and I spent way too many hours with each other. We terrorized our "in between neighbors" by running through their backyard, made up countless dance routines, and hosted quite a few (very) successful lemonade stands. All of this to say that in my mind and heart, Alexi and her family are like my family. Photo for reference...

Alexi and Brian met at the University of Dayton while both studying to be PTs. They are the most consistent, collected, (fit,) kind, and down-to-earth couple. They are so perfect for each other and so pleasant to hang out with. I was also pleased to find out that Brian has dance moves almost as good as Alexi's... He definitely could have participated in our 19th street dance recitals.

As I mentioned, Alexi and Brian had quite the wedding planning process thanks to our dear friend, COVID. What was originally planned as an April 2020 big venue wedding, turned into a November 2020 big venue wedding, turned into a "I don't think things will be okay in November, let's just get freakin' married" backyard wedding... all turning into the celebration we #executed in May 2021. Before I move onto this most recent celebration though, I must spotlight their TRUE wedding day.

Alexi and Brian Bohman officially married on May 9, 2020 in the backyard of Alexi's childhood home (cue my tears). Am I the only one that thinks it is incredibly special for them to celebrate such a life moment in a home that has homed so many other major life moments? I think I cried on their wedding day just thinking about it. *sigh*

That home, though, remained a part of the marriage celebrations. On May 8, 2021, it was once again able to serve as home base for festivities. These photos captured by Amelia Kramer Film & Photography make me smile. Maybe it's because I also have so many memories with this house and with this family, but I just can't get over how emotional it is. This house! That Alexi grew up in! Is still playing home to new, sweet, loving memories! Alright, I'll shut up about the inanimate object now.

After the wedding party was appropriately ~groomed and glammed,~ everyone met at Central United Methodist Church. Prior to the ceremony, the crew managed to capture many wedding party photos, family photos, and A & B even had time to sneak off to a different location for a few lovebird shots.

As with most wedding days, we then hid the special people, greeted guests, played some music, and sent those same special people down the aisle. A & B's vow renewal ceremony included the packing of a time capsule paired with music. Similar to a practice of unity, these two were able to take a moment to build something together. They incorporated items representing meaningful moments from their relationship (and one year of marriage!). A & B got to smooch once again in front of their loved ones and exited the church through a tunnel of bubbles.

The newly renewed couple, their wedding party, and significant others piled onto the party bus for a trip around town for additional wedding party photos and a *bit* of pregaming. Meanwhile, the activities continued for wedding guests with a cocktail hour at Forest Hills Country Club. Once the wedding party arrived to the reception, everyone took their seats and we were privileged to witness some creative entrances, heartfelt speeches, and emotional moments on the dance floor. We also had dinner, cupcakes, drinks, pretzels... but those don't compare to the important people!

Simply put, A & B had a PARTY. The dance floor was crowded all night. The day came to a close with a circle of loving folks, shoulder-to-shoulder, surrounding A & B as they danced in celebration of a beautiful day and a beautiful marriage. Thinking about it now... these two got kind of the best of both worlds - a small intimate ceremony in a special, special place AND an easy, fun-filled day of larger celebration. AND Alexi got to wear her dress twice. That in itself is a win in my books.

I love this couple, I love their love for each other, I love their days of celebration, and I love that I got to lend a hand in making it all happen.




Ceremony: Central United Methodist Church

Reception: Forest Hills Country Club

Transportation: Rockstar Limos

Cake: Lisa Cakes

Cupcakes & Guest Favors: Nikki Brock

Julia, As Needed Services: Custom


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