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On My Mind | A New Home!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

This, my friends, is where I truly test your attention to detail… have you noticed the new location pinned in my bio? The region set on my Knot and Wedding Wire profiles? The location of a photographer I reposted on my story? If not, shame on you (lol jk). If so, you are probably very confused.

Instead of going back to look at all these items, I shall help you out. I moved!

I am testing out my love for college football, hospitality, and a Southern accent (I don’t think there is much hope for this one), as I settle in my new home – Opelika, Alabama! A quaint little town right outside of Auburn, home of the War Eagles (??). A few goals with this blog post: (1) to explain WHY I made this move and (2) WHAT this move means for you, my wonderful party planning people.

First things first, why the heck did I move to Alabama?!

Simply put, I moved because I could. My fulltime job is totally remote and thus gives me all sorts of flexibility! I have been nomad-ing since my Chicago lease ended (ask me about Alaska) and was ready to settle again. I wanted to have a routine, decorate a bedroom, prep my meals, frequent a local brewery. You get it. I had a few options, but ultimately decided on a Southern adventure. My childhood best friend (I’m talking since three years old) is in vet school at Auburn University and happened to have an empty bedroom, so I moved in! I’m really excited for this special time with her (and could get really sappy about this, but I won’t) and equally excited to explore all that Opelika / Auburn have to offer. If you have any local recs, feel free to send them my way!

Goal number 1: ✔️

I also, though, want you all to know that this means NOTHING will change with Julia, As Needed. I have been so fortunate to work with amazing couples and vendors in the Midwest and don’t want to lose that network! Please know that I always have reasons to head towards the cornfields (LOL), in addition to helping with your wedding day needs. Please please please do not hesitate to reach out if you are confused about where I live, where I work, or if I can help you! I am happy to answer any and all questions and will always do my best to work some travel magic to be a part of your big day.

Goal number 2: ✔️

As I was thinking about my Mason-Dixon-Line-straddling business strategy, I realized that my virtual-first coordinating is (maybe?) uncommon. Probably a bit more common due to COVID. I conduct most of my intro, coordinating, and just-chatter meetings through Zoom (unless we live in the same area). And then we get to meet in-person on wedding weekend! While this may seem stressful, bizarre, or inefficient, I promise you that it works just perfectly (and means we can meet in the middle of your teeth whitening routine). I am very familiar with working virtually and assure you that you get an authentic Julia on every single call. I will show up on rehearsal day and it will feel totally normal and like we’ve been besties for years (or like I’ve been your personal assistant for years, whichever you prefer). If this feels weird to you or you have questions about virtual planning, reach out! I would love to talk about it and share some of the tools I use to keep all organized, personable, and running smoothly.

Bonus goal: ✔️

Alright, someone cut me off. All of this to say - big changes for me, but no changes for you! I can’t wait to continue working with all my Midwest pals and HELLO ALABAMA / GEORGIA FOLKS!

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